The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a mysterious book about a doctor called Mr Hyde. This is a story about a London lawyer called Mr Utterson who investigates strange incidents between his old friend Dr Jekyll. This is interesting and confusing, because actual Mr Hyde and Dr Jekyll are the same person. Mr Hyde, being the evil one and Dr Jekyll, being the good one. In this book, Mr Hyde is described as being ugly and having a face you wouldn’t want to look at. Mr Utterson tries to find out what is going on. Because he suspects Dr Jekyll, he talked to his old friend. Dr Jekyll says to Mr Utterson to let this investigation go, and so he does. But after a year or two, another incident happens and a maid from a window explained what happened live. When the maid describes the man, Mr Utterson clicked on saying definitely sure “This is Mr Hyde.”. Later on a letter come to Mr Utterson from Dr Jekyll describing all the incidents including Mr Hyde. Explaining in the letter that because he is a medicine doctor, he tried some new formula and this made him change into a different person. However later on, he confronts, how he couldn’t control “it” any more and at the end of the letter he says “I bring the life of an unhappy Henry Jekyll to an end.”. This proves how he wasn’t happy with Mr Hyde and ended it once and for all.

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