Paul Review

Paul is about an alien who has been at a military secret base camp for over 60 years. Paul later on found out that after sharing his, knowledge but federal agents now want his powers like his thought transfer or healing hand, so they decided to cut out his brain. When he found out about this he escaped, he drove a car and he crashed and that is where he met Graeme Willy and Clive Gollings, two childhood friend “nerds” who have been dreaming to go to the States to see all the alien attractions. This was  where they met Paul who asked for their help later on. However they found out, there were federal agents after him and now them.

Paul is a bit on the rude side, he swears a lot and after showing himself to a Christian woman they had no choice but to kidnap her. At first, she was freaked out, but later on after not believing in Christianity after seeing Paul, she starts sinning for example swearing. Paul never told them where they were going, but they first stop at one place, this place is where Paul crashed 60 years ago and the little girl from the house had saved her, but now she was an old person. At this point, the Federal agents come and they leave the house as it gets destroyed and they nearly get captured. They hatch a plan to try and get Paul to his mother ship. They get there they send the signal off and wait but the boss comes, comes for Paul but they don’t let her. The interesting thing is that after two federal agents die the one living is actually Paul’s friend undercover, who then tries and helps but gets a faint wounded. However, after the boss had been knocked out, Graeme gets shot and dies, but Paul even after saying “It can kill me to heal a human.” He tries anyway and works for Graeme, he comes back to life, but Paul doesn’t for a minute then he does , At the same time the boss has a gun pointing at them but in the sudden movement the mother ship lands on her. Paul’s kind come for him, as they all say bye, he says to the old lady “You’re coming with me.” and that concludes the end of the rude Paul.

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