Frankenstein Summary

Victor Frankenstein, an Italian creator of science, at his time many unusual things took place to do with life like experimenting on frogs.

Victor wanted to create life. He started to get bits and pieces from all over he collected up dead bodies. Days and nights, he worked on his creation and when it had finished even he was surprised, it came to life. But ugly from the eyes down, never had any one seen anything so ugly. Victor abandoned it, once the monster unleashed he ran, ran like no man had run before with his strength he ran into a village. People started to scream and yell, never had they seen something so ugly, the monster hid in a shed. From a hole in the shed could see a family in their house, it watched them from their language to their actions to their looks. He thought to himself “How come I am ugly.”.  After a year he left, he went to find Victor, he confronted him, it wanted a partner, it asked why it was ugly. Victor denied all his questions and abandoned him.

The monster was in hate. It wanted to kill Victor Frankenstein. It took revenge, it killed his brother, at this point Victor knew who it was, he lived in fear for many years even though he moved.

Victor later married Elizabeth, his sister, who he liked to call cousin because his parents had adopted her when they were young. They were deeply in-love. The monster found them, when it saw them two all happy, it got more and more angry. It had asked for the same thing but Victor had said “no”. One night Victor knew it was coming (I am still not sure how?), he told Elizabeth to go upstairs as Victor had waited by the door, but there was no noise, then in a sudden movement, he heard a scream coming from Elizabeth. He rushed up to her like he never rushed before. There she was dead on the floor in blood, her face in shock; it was obvious that she had seen something too veracious. Victor knew who and why this happened.


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