Comparing “Nothings changed” with “Blessing”

I am going to compare “Nothings change” with “Blessing” because of the religion the poet has described and the way they have described their feelings.

In “Nothing’s changed” it is about a man that has returned to his country called district 6 in Cape Town. He describes his feelings coming back for example he says “Cuff cans” and “Seeded grass.” This shows that the place where he once lived is now a wasteland, he also says “Anger of my eyes” which shows how angry he is going back. Contrasting with this could be the happiness in “Blessing” when a pipe bursts. But both poems are uncommon as both describe poverty.

Both poems use language devices such as; in “Nothing’s changed” they use alliteration. I know this because it says “Cuffs, cans” and “crunch” this shows all the rubbish he is standing on when he comes back and sees his home is a skip with cans, wrappers and general rubbish. This could affect the reader strongly as it explains how he returns home to find it’s now a wasteland.

However, “Blessing uses Metaphors. I can prove this because it says “liquid sun” this shows that the water is shinning and it’s like life to them after the pipe bursts. This shows how precious water is to them it is like silver to them, this is proven when it also says “Silver crashes” and this shows that water is more precious than silver to them. The effect on the reader is happy as it shows how happy they are when a pipe bursts in the dry village of India.

In “Nothing’s changed” it shows the anger of him because the whites are racist and are showing off to them and even doe Nelson Mandela is in charge the whites are still treating the black’s terrible, Where as in “Blessing” they are very thrilled when a pipe bursts in India because they live in a deserted place of India.

In “Nothing’s changed” I know there angry because it says” Whites only inn, no sign say it is but we know where we belong”. This shows although there isn’t a law to keep the black’s from the whites but because they are rich and the black’s are poor they live separate lives.

However in “Blessing” it shows there happy and it proves this because it says “Sudden rush of fortune “ this shows that it’s a sudden rush of fortune” this shows that it’s a sudden rush when the pipe bursts, this could affect the reader happily, as it shows the joy of the pipe bursting. As fortune describes the “sudden rush of fortune” it’s like a fruit machine as all your fortune is running lose.

Both poets explain how they live a hard life. I know this because it says in “Nothing’s changed” it says” Skin about my bones and soft labouring of my lungs“ this shows that he had a hard life in the past and he aches from it.

Likewise, in “Blessing” it says “There never is enough water” this shows that they had a hard life and lived mostly without water. The effect on the reader could be sadness for both poems because they have ached and lived with hardly any water.


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