I will be comparing two poems Nothing’s Changed with Two Scavengers. Both poems compare the rich and the poor. In Nothing’s Changed, the black man returns home to find it’s now a skip, however in Two Scavengers he works with bins and skips.

In Nothing’s Changed the poet (a black man) returns home to find that his home where he grew up was now a skip and the poet has expressed the anger of his feelings. I know this because it says "anger in my eyes". This shows that after seeing his homeland he is in anger. The effect on the reader could be feeling sorry for him because of his return ,and coming to see this as a skip.

However Two Scavengers describes a frozen moment in time in San Francisco and a rich couple pulls up behind them and the poet explains the difference between the two. I know this because it says "looking down into an elegant open Mercedes with an elegant couple in it”. This shows how the rich and the poor can come across each other from just a simple red light. The effect on the reader could be the democracy in the country of rich and poor.

Both poems are similar, in Nothing’s Changed the whites are rich and the blacks are poor. In his case he is the black and they get treated like dirt and the whites are racist to them. I know this because it says "no sign says it is but we know where we belong”. This shows how racist they can be; also this concludes that they live out of luxury.

Similarly, in Two Scavengers they are bin men who ironically ‘look down on’ the rich couple from a bright yellow garbage truck, as the bin men have been up since four am and returning home sooty, as the two rich couple are going to a meeting with their architect in sparkling hygiene. I know this because it says " in a three hip linen suit with shoulder-length blond hair & sunglasses". Whereas for the scavengers it says" two scavengers up since 4am grungy from their return". This shows that the two scavengers also live outside luxury. This could affect the reader deeply in a way of anger as two different lives are lived but both lives come across each other.

Both poems use alliteration, both describing the rich. Nothing’s Changed describes the rich in a bad way. I know this because it says "mean mouth". This shows his anger towards the rich and what he wants to do. However in Two Scavengers alliteration is used to say what the rich couple look like saying "cool couple". This suggests that the couple are cool in their open top car. The effect on the reader could be thinking on how they have described the rich from two different angels.

In conclusion both poems are similar as they come across the rich, and both show the difference between the rich and the poor and how they don’t belong, and live two different separate lives. And even though there isn’t a wall separating them, they know where they belong.

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